Posted on: June 20, 2008 1:01 am

Am I right or am I right?

I posted this thread back in March when I knew the Blue Jays would be nothing again this year. They're actually below what I predicted, a 77 to 85 win total. RIght now (on the morning of June 20th) they're last in the AL East at 35-39, which means they are on pace for a final record of 76-86.

I would like an appology from all those stupid Jays fans who critized my baseball IQ, and insulted me personally because they couldn't handle the truth (mainly VCarter's brother, billyisgone).

Now, bask in my greatness and read.........

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Posted on: June 5, 2008 9:59 pm
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June 5th, the day the Blue Jays season ended

...And I just won 80 bucks worth of bets from my friends. However, it's the most frustrating 80 dollars ever.

Yes, they Blue Jays are still 2 games over the .500 mark, and yes they have a very very easy schedule for the rest of June. But since the Jays downfall always seems to be not beating bad teams, that won't really matter so who cares.

I'm not upset at B.J. Ryan for blowing the save again (well I am, but that's not the point of this blog), it's offense once again. Now now I can see all you stupid Jays fans right now telling me "they scored 8 runs so STFU" but again, that's not the point.

It's what happened in the top half of the 8th and 9th innings that I really remembered why I bet against the Jays to win 90 games, why I bet they would not make the playoffs, and why I bet they would finish below the Red Sox in the AL East standings. I finnally remembered why. During this good stretch of baseball the team had played recently (without Vernon Wells, the most over rated player in baseball) I had sort of forgotten what was so bad about them. I actually felt a little worried that I would lose some of those bets, but I'm once again no longer concerned.

In both the 8th and 9th innings, the Jays had runners on 1st and 2nd with NO ONE out, and combined to score only a single run in those 2 innings. That is the exact reason why I will be 80 dollars richer come October, that right there. Joe Inglett did the right thing in the 8th by bunting the runners along, but Marco Scutaro and David Eckstein than both had a huge gag job and neither could cash in the runners. In the 9th Matt Stairs swung away and hit a ground rule double scoring 1, but only 1 which sucked because Scott Rolen would have easily scored from 1st had the ball stayed in the park. But nonetheless, you still have 2nd and 3rd with no one out. Absolutly no excuse for not getting some runners home in that situation, after you just failed in that same spot last inning. Pat Tabler said it the best, when you're playing the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, no lead is ever safe so pile on as many as you can.

It doesn't matter who's injured and who's healthy, there's just something about this team that makes them allergic to base hits with RISP...especially with 2 outs, and I have more than just a feeling it's the approach they have at the plate. Their leading HR hitter is a 41 year old journey man with a whoping 7 jacks, yet this team continues to have the "big inning" approach at the plate. The "lets get a few guys on than hit the 3 run jack" approach, and it's absolutly pathetic considering no one on this team has any consistant power.

I have completly lost all faith in J.P. Ricciardi and John Gibbons, and I did a long time ago. These two clowns have dug themselves so big a hole, the only way to regain any respect from me is with a World Series Championship, getting there would not be good enough anymore.

It's time to start over, right from scratch. I have no problem getting rid of any player on the 25 man roster not named Alex Rios, Aaron Hill, Dustin McGowan, or Shaun Marcum. No typo, that list did not include Roy Halladay. Oh, this also means getting rid of Ricciardi and Gibbons, of course.

There is no way this team will make the playoffs or be anywhere even close to making the playoffs until at least 4 years after these 2 guys are gone. Start the fire sale and try to get as many top prospects as you can...Marlins style. It's the only way out of this never ending process of mediocrity, since we don't have the prospects right now to give up for a Matt Holliday type of bat (thanks a lot JP).

Now let the bashing begin, but before that happens let me address 2 things:

  1. This is how I have always have felt, I did not just make this opinion based on the one game today. Today is the day I finnally blew up.
  2. If you do bash me, I expect to see you here in Sepetember when the Jays are way out of it and applogize to me. I take full responsibility if I am wrong, but I won't be wrong so we don't have to worry about that.

PLAYOFFS IN 2014!!!!

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Posted on: April 3, 2008 11:16 pm
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Ohio State got robbed of a tournament bid


I said before the tournament started that Ohio State should have been in over Kentucky, and I was blasted by the SEC fans. The only good thing about UK's resume was their 12-4 conference record, but I (and people who supported my argument) said that record means nothing when the SEC is probably the worst of the BCS conferences (or at least 2nd worst).

I said it was a travesty that the SEC got 6 bids while the Big Ten only got 4, and that it should have been 5 each. The SEC fans said that teams should be looked at as individuals and not as a member of a conference. Ok then, I guess that 12-4 conference record means jack since we're all individuals.

Ohio State was #49 in RPI, with a record of 19-13. UK was RPI #57 with a record of 18-12.

Ohio State's good wins -- Syracuse (neutral), Florida (home), Purdue (home), MSU (home)
Ohio State's bad losses -- Iowa (road), Michigan (road)

Kentucky's good wins -- Vanderbilt (home), Tennessee (home), Arkansas (home), Miss St (home), Florida (home)
Kentucky's bad losses -- Gardner-Webb (home), San Diego (home), UAB (semi-home), Houston (road), Georgia (semi-road)

Now please, who had the better resume? All UK had was conference record, but the SEC (and UK) proved in the tournament to be a big flop, and the Big Ten did significantly better despite less teams and lower seeds. But if you're only looking at teams as individuals and not as members of a conference, than conference record means nothing and UK has no reason to be in the field of 65.

Ohio State got robbed, and we proved it tonight.

P.S. If you say, "well OSU would have got killed their 1st game anyway" all I have to say to you is that all you need is one guy to get hot and carry you in a single elimination tournament. Anything can happen in March.

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Posted on: March 23, 2008 4:48 pm
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Why the NBA age limit is a good thing

I posted this on a thread earlier, I just want this on record for future references.

For every LeBron, KG, Kobe, etc, you have 50 guys who came out of high school you've never heard of and were never drafted, only to have their lives ruined. Slimball agents are filling their heads with lies that they're good enough to be 1st round picks, so they sign with the agent and are now ineligable for NCAA play. Obviously they're not NBA material at the time, so they go undrafted, and can't play college ball. Since they're usually not smart enough to go to college and get an education, they are now screwed. Obviously by going straight to the draft, they think of it as a quick pay day, and a way to "get out of the hood" the easy way.

So now they can't play NCAA, they can't get into post secondary school, and they can't make the NBA. You're only choices are  to go through life working at McDonald's, go into the crime business, or abandon your family and give Europe a shot.

By making the age limit 20, you're giving these kids free education which most of them will end up using, and a chance to take baby steps in developing their game.

I bet Sebastion Telfair and Gerald Green wish they had to college for a year or 2.

P.S. Just for th record, I don't care if the age limit is 19 or 20, both are fine with me.

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Posted on: March 19, 2008 1:20 pm

Raptors should try for the 6 seed


I'm a Raptors fan and I have been since '95, and I can guarntee one thing -- they CANNOT beat the Cavaliers in a 7 game series. It doesn't matter who has home court advantage, the Raps will be lucky if they push the series to 5 games. The Cavs front court is too big, too strong, too physical for the Raps, who are soft inside. Big Z, Wallace, and Varejao will have a field day getting put back after put back. Oh yeah, they also have this guy named LeBron James, you might have heard of him.

With Chris Bosh in the lineup, they can beat the Magic (never said they will, said they can). Dwight Howard is a very over rated defender, and Bosh always goes off for 35+ when the 2 go head to head. And yes, Howard does defend Bosh when they're on the floor. The Magic have virtually no depth whatsoever, while the Raptors are too deep for their own good. The PG matchup is a no brainer, because the Raptors have 2 guys better than Orlando's starter.

Oh yeah, they'd avoid the Celtics in the 2nd round.

P.S. Completly unrelated, but the Buckeyes got Terrelle Pryor today, time to celebrate

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Posted on: February 29, 2008 1:04 am
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So what if I like to argue?

I joined this "community" in November of 2006 to argue about where the Bills should be in the power rankings. I was right about my complaints too, as the Bills won few games in a row after that and finished the with a 7-9 record. Since than I have been in numerous arguments on this site, and I'm pretty sure I ended up being right in most cases (2006 BCS Title game comes to mind when I was wrong, dead wrong).

People say I shouldn't critize my favourite teams because that's not being a true fan...that's a load of BS. I want my teams to succeed so badly that I'll do nearly anything to see them win championships. If any member of the organization (player, coach, GM, owner, etc) is doing something that I feel hurts the team's chances of success, I will let whomever is willing to listen me know about it. That does not make me a fairweather fan, that makes me the best kind of fan there is, the fan that cares about the state of the franchise. I refuse to always be optimistic, I will always be realistic. If it's realistic that the team has a shot at something special, I will be optimistic. If not, then I will argue that changes need to happen.

I do not like players that are not on my favourite team, end of story. I may respect certain players (Kevin Garnett for example) but I do not like him and I do not wish him success if he is playing for any team but the Raptors. The only POSSIBLE exception to that is if a player went to my favourite NCAA school, Ohio State.

On the same topic, I do not like any team not listed in my favourite teams above (with the exception of teams in leagues that are not given an option here at CBS, such as Toronto FC). I may respect some teams (San Antonio Spurs for example) but I do not wish them success at all.

Do not tell me that I should become a lawyer, because I do not care for that profession. Just because I like to argue doesn't mean I'd be a good lawyer.

On that final note, if you disagree with me than you are wrong.

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Posted on: February 1, 2008 3:28 am

My (disappointing) life as a Bills fan

The first one was taken away by the admin, so I have to repost it with the one curse word removed.

It's not easy to love the Bills as much as I do, unless you have a thing for the loveable losers. They were born in 1960 and were members of the old AFL, before they merged with the NFL as we know it today. They did have some early success, winning back to back AFL Championships in 1964 and 1965 with quarter back Jack Kemp leading the way, but it has been downhill from there.

With running back OJ Simpson carrying the team througout most the 1970s, they had some great teams. Unfortunatley, the Steelers had their infamous "Iron Curtin" at the time and the Bills never found a way to get passed them and to the SuperBowl.

OJ Simpson will always be remembered for his legal issues and whether he is innocent or not. But this Bills fan will always remember him as the 1st player ever to run for over 2000 yards in a season, and he did it in a mere 14 games.

The 80s were not that good and there's really nothing to talk about from a Bills perspective. They had a couple good seasons in the early part of the decade, but never were able to make the big dance. It was mostly rebuilding, and they did just that. Drafting Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Thurman Thoams, Bruce Smith, and other key parts of their SuperBowl runs during this time. In 1989 they won 12 games, it was the start of a magical run to start the 90s.

In 1990 they reached their 1st SuperBowl in franchise history, and it was the 1st of four straight appearnces in the big game. Little did we know, this is when the "Buffalo Curse" was born.

The Bills were trailing the NY Giants 20-19 in the 4th quater of SuperBowl 25. Running back Thurman Thomas had 135 yards on the ground and added a 31 yard touchdown despite only carrying the ball 15 times. He also added 55 yards catching on 5 catches, and would surely be the game's MVP if the Bills could find a way to win.

Quarter back Jim Kelly had an efficient game through the air, completing 18 of 30 passes for 212 yards, with no touchdowns or interceptions. It was his job to lead the Bills downfield late and give them a chance at a game winning field goal. He did just that, taking the Bills to the Giants 31 yard line with just 8 seconds left on the clock.

On comes field goal kicker Scott Norwood to attempt a 48 yard field goal, for the win. With just 8 seconds left, there is no time to run any more plays, the SuperBowl is going to be decided on this kick, from the right hash-mark.

The snap is good...The hold is good...The kick is up...It is...WIDE RIGHT, the Giants have dodged a bullet.

Final Score: Giants 20, Bills 19

The following season, the Bills made it back to the SuperBowl, this time to face the Washington Redskins. SuperBowl 26 was over before it even started. The Redskins jumped out to a 24-0 lead, and the Bills never recovered. Washington became the 4th team to win three SuperBowl's, and the Bills became the 2nd to lose back to back.

Final Score: Redskins 37, Bills 24

After consecutive Super Bowl appearances following the 1990 and '91 seasons, the Bills finished 11-5 in 1992, but lost the division title to Miami on the conference-record tiebreaker. As a result, their journey back to the Super Bowl would have to begin on January 3, 1993 with a home game vs. the Houston Oilers.

The Bills got off to a slow start as the Houston offense enjoyed a 21:12 time of possession edge in the game's first 30 minutes. Houston averaged 7.3 yards per offensive play behind quarterback Warren Moon's 19 of 22 passing for 218 yards and four touchdowns - a 147.5 passer rating. At halftime, the Bills trailed the Oilers 28-3.

The second half start was no better. Fewer than two minutes into the third quarter, the Bills yielded a 58-yard interception-return touchdown and fell behind 35-3. However, with 13:15 remaining in the third quarter, the Bills embarked on the greatest comebacks in NFL history, which in 1999 was chosen by fans as the Fifth Most Memorable NFL Game of the Century in voting on

After allowing the INT-return touchdown, the Bills drove 50 yards in 10 plays on their next possession, capping the drive on a Kenneth Davis' one-yard touchdown run. Houston 35, Buffalo 10.

Bills kicker Steve Christie then recovered his own onside kick. Four plays later, Bills quarterback Frank Reich, starting for an injured Jim Kelly, connected with Don Beebe on a 38-yard touchdown. Houston 35, Buffalo 17.

The Bills' defense produced a three-and-out on the ensuing Houston possession and Buffalo took over on its own 41-yard line. Five plays later, Reich hit Andre Reed for a 26-yard touchdown. Houston 35, Buffalo 24.

Two plays into the Oilers' next drive, Bills safety Henry Jones intercepted a deflected Moon pass and returned it 15 yards to the Houston 23-yard line. The Bills gained five yards on three plays and faced a fourth-and-five. Time out, Buffalo. Reich convinced Levy to go for it on fourth down. He then saw Reed break away from the safety and hit him on the goal line for 18 yards and a touchdown. Houston 35, Buffalo 31. In a span of six minutes and 52 seconds, the Bills had cut their deficit from 32 points to four.

After the teams traded punts, Moon led the Oilers on a 76-yard drive early in the fourth quarter over seven-and-a-half minutes. Houston then caught a break. A Buffalo interception was wiped out by a penalty called on the Bills' for a late-hit foul against Moon.

The Oilers reached the Buffalo 14-yard line and set up for a field goal. It was then that the Bills received some help from above - it started raining. Montgomery fumbled the snap and kicker Al Del Greco recovered but the Oilers had turned the ball over on downs.

Buffalo then drove 74 yards in seven plays into the wind, taking the lead on a 17-yard touchdown pass from Reich to Reed - the duo's third scoring connection in little more than 16 minutes. Buffalo 38, Houston 35.

Moon then led Houston 63 yards in 12 plays, setting up the game-tying 26-yard Del Greco field goal with 12 seconds remaining. Buffalo 38, Houston 38.

The game went to overtime and the Oilers won the coin flip but after two completions for seven yards, Moon faced a third-and three from the Houston 27. It was then that Bills safety Nate Odomes stepped in front of a Moon pass at the 37 and returned it to the 35. The Bills gained 15 more yards on a penalty when Odomes was grabbed by his facemask.

After two Davis rushes for six yards, Christie kicked a 32-yard field goal 3:06 into overtime.

Final Score: Bills 41, Oilers 38.

In addition to keeping their Super Bowl hopes alive (the Bills would win their next two on the road to make that third consecutive appearance), Buffalo set an NFL record. Their 32-point comeback victory remains the largest in NFL history.

Well, they got to SuperBowl 26, except I really don't think they decided to show up. The Dallas Cowboys beat them in every aspect of the game, it was a complete laugher. The only bright spot of that game was wide reciever Don Beebe.

Late in the 4th quarter, backup quarter back Frank Reich was sacked and fumbled the ball. Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett picked up the ball and began to run down the sideline. He was about to go untoched for the touchdown that would have put the Cowboys up 59-17, but Don Beebe ran the length of the field to catch up with Lett. Lett was showboating his way into the endzone, and Beebe came from behind and knocked the exposed ball out of Lett's hands, and it went through the endzone for a Bills touchback.

Even though the game was over and the play meant nothing, it is still known today as one of the most boneheaded plays in sports history. Beebe's hustle taught everyone to never give up on a play, regardless of the score.

Final score: Cowboys 52, Bills 17

Now to SuperBowl 28, the last of the four straight appearnces. Once again it was the Cowboys and the Bills, and it was once again another blowout. The 2 team's tied for the best record during the regular season, but Dallas was 10 point favourites heading in. Well, there's nothing more I can say, they exceeded expectations by winning by 17, and the Bills SuperBowl run was over at four, with zero wins.

Final Score: Cowboys 30, Bills 13

That was an end of an era for the Bills, as they have not made it back to the SuperBowl since than. The mid 90s came and they made the playoffs a few times, but were never as successful.

Then came the late 90s, and one of the worst calls in sports history cost the Bills a shot at another SuperBowl.

Leading 16-15 in the the AFC Wildcard game, the Bills kicked off to the Tennessee Titans with under 20 seconds left in the game. Kicker Steve Christie kicked it high in the air (aka a squib kick) to prevent a long return. Titans player Lorenzo Neal received the kickoff. Neal handed the ball off to Titans tight end Frank Wycheck, who then lateraled the ball across the field to another Titans player, Kevin Dyson, who then ran down the sidelines for a 75-yard touchdown, known today as "The Music City Miracle".

Final Score: Titans 22, Bills 16

There's no doubt in my mind that it was a forward pass, which is illeagal and would have resulted in a 10 yard penalty, and more imporantly the touchdown would have been called back. The Titans went on the to SuperBowl, and lost to the St. Louis Rams, coming up one yard short on the final play of the game. I'm not saying the Bills would have followed in the same path, but that bulBSl shit call cost the Bills a shot at a 5th SuperBowl.

The 2000s have been horrible for the Bills. They have not made the playoffs once, so the Music City Miracle was the last time the Bills have played a postseason game.

In 2001, they finished 3-13, earning the 4th pick in the 2002 draft. They drafted offensive lineman Mike Williams out of Texas, and he was one of the biggest bust's in NFL history.

In 2004, they started out 0-4, only to eventually win 6 straight games and be at 9-6 on the last day of the season. All they had to do was win their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, and the Bills become the just the 3rd team ever to make the playoffs after starting 0-4. The Steelers were 14-1, but they were planning on playing their backups all game due to the fact that they already clinched the best record in the NFL. The Bills lost the game, and did not make the playoffs, and it cost quarter back Drew Bledsoe his job.

Now in 2007 there was high expectations due to their 5-4 finish in 2006. Quarter back J.P. Losman was expected to have a breakout season, and everyone was excited to see rookie running back Marshawn Lynch and linebacker Paul Posluszny.

In the 1st game at home against the Denver Broncos, they led 14-12 with under 3 minutes left to play. Denver had 3rd and 26 at their own 20 yard line, and got 24 yards to make the 4th down play manageable. They converted the 4th down try, and had another 3rd and very long from the 35. They got within a few yards of the 1st, and they were at the 40. On 4th down with about 28 seconds left and no timeouts, they gaines about 12 yards and were on the Bills 28 yard line. However, there was only 15 seconds left, the clock was running, and Denver could not stop the clock. The field goal unit ran out as fast as they could to get the snap off. They still weren't ready. 5..4..3..2..1.. and the snap was off just in time. Hold was good, but the kicker was barely ready. He kicked it anyway, and it went right through the uprights, leaving all the Bills fans in utter shock.

Final Score: Broncos 15, Bills 14

They got killed in their next 2 games and were 0-3, but beat the NY Jets in week 4 to get their 1st win of the season.

Anyone who can use the internet knows what happened in their 1st Monday Night game in 13 years against the hated Cowboys.

So, there is the history of the Buffalo Bills. I've been a season ticket holder since 2004 , and this is what I've had to go through. We Bills fans truely are the best fans in the World, and we proved it during that Monday Night game. Not many people would be excited for a cursed, 7-9 team, but we love cheering on our Bills every Sunday for 3 hours.
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